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lirik lagu awil onuag – off the rocker freestyle


yo! freestyle friday! (freestyle friday!)
a world in love
one nation under a groove (live!)
awil onuag, i’m back! (back!)
thank you to everybody who loves it
(thank you!  thank you! thank you!)
and if you don’t love it, thank you for not loving it
you was real, you know?
(you was real though)
yo! yeah!

sometimes for folks to feel you
you have to say sh~t with aggressive emphasis
no need to test me n~gga
i’m too gangsta for that bullsh~t
that street sh~t like a quiz: i passed it
no fs given for that chit chat that your yappin
and this new era cappin
raised off of limestone and west grand
connected to k. dot from compton
and his stories about rosecrans
just field n~ggas from the corn fields
bloods, crips, gds, latin kings
small town but we still had our gangs still
i put my heart and soul in everything i do
that’s on every thing i love
head to the son
tell the moon i’ma shine
it’s all perfect timing when the stars all align
once upon a time i was contemplating (contemplating)
that’s all because my pops was shot two times in the face
how i was feeling?
well, you can fill in the blanks
that sh~t still hurts me to this day
for the fam i’ma grind
some n~ggas risk it all to take revenge
just to ball for a minute
not me. love is key
i’m focused on the infinite
health is wealth. knowledge is limitless
too deep to turn back
i got my faith and ain’t no stoppin that (nawh)
i’m just a mortal human
i can’t save face
i made my mistakes
that’s why i thank god for his mercy and his grace
and grandma’s prayers that kept me safe (uh)
so i spoke it into existence
pursed it with persistence
wealth, health, and long life
billion dollar baby
trillion dollar business (uh)
yo no quiero evil
this is for the raza, mi gente, the people
couldn’t express myself through my native tongue
tried to go bilingual, duo (i tried)
estoy apuntando a la cima
puedo verlo in my eyes
determination in my soul
i got the faith so i’m already there
i just had to fight my own fears
this is dedicated to the black faces lost to the genocide of the street
it’s still! (it’s still!)
r.i.p. cadence p and my cousin chrissy d
can’t forget little lee
james keep your head up
on the block i’m a change maker
from idaho to south jamaica
had to break the rules just to build my people up
d~ckey suit and a bandana
i got a meeting with the mayor
i still wanna talk about flint’s water
and “brenda’s daughter”
it doesn’t take much to be a fire starter
yeah i’m back
live in effect
built for war; nines and some tecs (yahhh)
i live my life by the code of the holy texts
molded by the silent ones who know me best
so mote it be
all praise to thee, elohim, god supreme
thee [?]

freestyle friday
love and marinate on that
(f~ckin friday)

yo. yo. yo, so i want to say like
you are what you think
i think i’m special