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lirik lagu au soul – rm story


(verse) au soul
time stole from many men

seen fools following trends and met they end quick

hate to say it all but some of my friends lost it

years gone by i’m still feeling exhausted
can’t get ahead

forgotten souls depending on all the words said

i told bro i would make it
no quitting i can’t do that

looking at the stars

the truth was in the music

footsteps i followed the blueprint

so illmatic
they clueless

life seem sweet but some of it get confusing

ya mans get shot

you telling me you won’t loose it

but summer not over it’s hotter than new music

i was in the storm they telling me it’s useless

keeping to myself not feeling the new crew

yo other homie change they asking what you do

now rumors getting started they saying it’s on you

i’m living famous

weight on my shoulders i can’t change it
you wanted this life what they claiming

they feeling the force but can’t tame it

i’m opening doors for my name it’s

all for the legacy

all for the love of e

we gone ride out til things get mad ugly

same for my brothers who saying they got love for me

different moms

but same blood we bleed

i get signed

we up one on me
it’s champagne for these ugly things

the whole team get champion rings

that’s on bro

(verse 2) au soul
they say i changed up

living in the rain but

they don’t see the pain they saying it’s just anger

fell for the fake love

i’m doing it for nate cause

the bigger picture was painted when bro was living

nooding off but nightmares get vivid

thinking back on times when it didn’t

now i’m cruising through the city get lit for my homies

but when its alll over i be back on my lonely

i don’t trust any

living on half empty

don’t tempt me i’m drowning in hot water

we was sposed to ball like kobe in 4th quarter

now i gotta do it on my own

living in a world where i feel so alone

and everbody saying i’m supposed to be strong


what would you do

times get crucial

not tryna fake kick it like bruce do

focused on world domination

tryna leave my foot in the pavement

waiting for the day i finally make it