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lirik lagu asap kang – rip yams


started to listen to him when i was a kid
sometimes i used to see bullies, i hid
it was hard those times i didn’t know what i did
but eventually i grew up and i saw the bids

it was hard but when the asap mob came i thought
“where do we stand, where do we go” and i fought
so i listened to the asap mob and i saw
once i had that i had to fight the law
they won that’s when i caught
what i needed to win from and i sought

once he died i thought of the asap mob and how the not making songs anymore
a$ap rocky
a$ap ferg
a$ap nast
a$ap duke
a$ap ant
a$ap bari
a$ap j scott
a$ap illz
a$ap twelvyy
a$ap tyy
a$ap lotto

an i thought to myself rip a$ap yams
a$ap mob please make more songs

sincerely a$ap kang (copyright) aka sal