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lirik lagu as i may – hero


you lie, you wait, tell no one else
youre hurt, youre fine, try to live with it
big city, big wall, living behind it
you fall, you will get up, tell no one else

end of this line, im getting there, theres no more time to waste

all the heroes, falling for weakness
theres no fear, in your heart
all the heroes fading away and
heroes will fall to ground

youre home, youre alone, youre waiting for it
this day, to end, get over with it
to look, to my eyes, say why me
this day it ends, tell no one else

tell me those lies, i will belive
tell me the truth and i will fear

its getting harder every way, every moment, every day
its getting hard for me to stay, im leaving, out of your way

im just fine, im over it