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lirik lagu aris (en) – how do you look at life?


verse 1
they never thought they would see a tragedy unfold 17 years old a girl barely grown her parents are never home she’s on this road all along feels it would be better off if she was gone. the last days of her school years not facing a phase no fool here. she knows the end is near but she hold in her tears cause she understands her peers all face their fears, so the pressures on and her leisures gone she stressed and let’s that cary on. life’s measured by a number so she needs it but not enough slumber to achieve it discomfort yeah she breaths it. she’s up all night staring at the ceiling, she cuts with a knife arms still bleeding but their only small so she boldly goes to school and let’s them show no sympathy involved. attention seeking is what they labeled her affection needed is what could have saved her. life’s so cruel why do we do what we do? a life taken a life so useful

verse 2
the alarm clock goes she argues with her self she kicks and throws she wants her eyes to stay closed. why awake to this life that she hates a life full of snakes a life full of hate. and she gets up and looks in that mirror all so bitter she despises her figure she’s getting smaller and thinner no confidence with in her
the end is near but nothing seems clearer

she was all so clever but there was too much pressure left no letter left bleeding beside her dresser the last days of her last school semester

now it’s a tragedy a town full of agony no more apathy they all honour her p-ssionately the ones that where never there the ones with no morality now they care pure insanity

verse 3
the alarm clock goes she argues with her self she kicks and throws but she’s awake in a life so great a life without hate a life she wants straight and she gets up and she looks in that mirror she loves her figure no longer bitter time to change there’s a confidence within her the last days of her last school year and she faced her fears she forgave her peers a new life from here. she’s happy she cheers she kept pushing to the future she was looking forward by hate she wasn’t bothered depression she kicked to the corner her hearts so much warmer she p-ssed she’s honoured her family’s honoured no longer a foreigner and she feels so much stronger