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lirik lagu arenna – butes


[verse 1]
what’s in the deep desire
of throwing yourself in the sea
of making your last jump
cut the ropes, cut adrift?
run into what is unknown
to walk in the lion´s den
free from all your carefulness
quick and hastily

[chorus 1]
and all this gives answer:
didn’t try to run away from the risk

[verse 2]
but what’s in the deep desire
this wasn’t written anywhere
of battling without knowing
you will loose for sure
reaching hands under the door
of watching what watches you
of betting knowing all the time
it’s uselessness

[chorus 2]
and all this gives answer:
and he’s come straight out from his burrow
quit his post, and he´s climbed up the sharp prison walls
once again he’s rеached, that nature’s nudity
so remеmber that one time
what was loved was lost
that you lost what was once loved
how eternally sad
to loose what is loved
you will loose what you love
these sounds, not what they stand for
will always make us rise
& show us the way to what calls us
that’s all you will not lose
what calls us


kindness ripped from disaster, it was always close & near
this as proof of the bravery that remains if you’re awake
to the precise form of the sleeping in the blur where all is lost
i wait for you, riding my dreaming, where it’s lost
outside the window he knows the word when it’s lost
olarizu weeds are masts of my dreaming, when it’s lost

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