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lirik lagu apollo – greatest (freestyle)


yeah, i feel like i’m the only white rapper in lansing that can really, like, rap his -ss off
yeah, let’s get it

[verse 1]
you’re f-ckin’, i’m the greatest white rapper in the game
think about, run it back, i’ll do this sh-t again
man, you sound like logic, sound like g
i’m just tryna make a hundred thousand dollars in a week
i’m just tryna make a mill’ with a rollie on my wrist
i’m just tryna cop a deal with no folie on my d-ck
i’m just tryna make ’em feel like they really ain’t the sh-t
i’m just tryna, yo, i don’t remember where i was goin’ with that sh-t, yo
but anyways, i can spit it anyway
oh godd-mn, man, you witnessing the levy break
‘pollo in this motherf-cker moving at a steady rate
i ain’t talkin’ hbo but you’re witnessing heavyweights
yeah, i’m runnin’ sh-t like forrest, i’m the poorest of the bunch
while you made a latest chorus and it’s boring and it’s mutt
man, you focus on the effort, man the ethic of a monk
why you feel like you the greatest, you been great for like a month

i’m the greatest, greatest, greatest
greatest, greatest, i’m the greatest
i’m the motherf-ckin’ greatest, i’m the greatest