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lirik lagu anomalie – trance v: cerulean sun


at my darkest i gaze at the stars
until the sky calls my name!
a feverish trance asks my mind for a dance
between the dead and the living
down on my knees i aim at my chance
to prove that this is not the end yet just the beginning!
you feared darkness, so i fan the flame!
you cursed silence, so come and hear my scream!
you feared the unknown, the one you could become!
you cursed the night, so let me be your sun!
true light shines deep within
we are its source and enemy alike
a blaze in the eye speaks beyond language
a gleaming hope for the ones led astray!
i once feared darkness but you shared your flame
without a word i found liberty
i once cursed silence but you made me tame
all doubts and voices in my head, the content of my elegies!

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