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lirik lagu angelmane (pol) – corpse bride ft. suicidal idol


yeah yeah
yeah yeah
you’re a cannibal in the club

were supposed to be forever
no one can hurt me like you
i can’t feel the pain
baby you dont know what im going through
lonely in my mind
lonely in my bed
[?] one reason for my life can you be my corpse bride
i see your heart i will keep it in a jar
i hate my life
i [?] tonight
[?] just dont break my heart
im so sorry i dont deserve to live
we are meant for each other
red blood dripping from my covers
im so dull i want your lovе
[?] cannibal
you are [?] in my mind
can you please bе my corpse bride
i wish i had you forever
forever, together
blood on my candy
can we just dance please
your love is a disease
i dont want no vaccine
blue hair tight jeans
mysp~ce shawty
touching on my body
yeah shes such a hottie

said she likes to party
i hope that she bites me
feeling like a zombie [?]
no you can’t stop me
cameras flashing on me with the paparazzi

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