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lirik lagu andezzz – don’t change (feat. drusteelo)


there i go, there you go, here we go again
with the same lame game i don’t understand
me and you we may not be the perfect couple
sometimes i wonder how we hook up and get together
i guess it remains a mystery to me
the when or how doesn’t matter to me
as long you know what we have is not ridiculous
bukan hanya cuplikan dari film romantis
whenever we fight we kiss and make up
whenever i’m down you pick me back up
it’s automatic, tak bisa dijelaskan
some called it magic, bagiku melainkan
a deep understanding with one another
makanya aku tenang when youmet my mother
so as long as you don’t change a single thing
you remain at my motion paling terpenting

baby don’t change for me
baby your fine to me
baby come back, baby come back
baby come back in my arms

there i go, there you go, here we go again
with the same lame game i don’t understand
n-body knows what the future holds
doa terlalu polos, terbawa arus yang deras
reality is like benturan batu yang keras
love and l-st batasnya pudar jadi tak jelas
kita berubah lupakan segala janji
once a mystery tetap to be a mystery
simple ask air dalam gelas
kalau ini test without you i won’t p-ss
so i pray there’s a way kita balik like semula
saat bertemu pertama sebelum ada drama
believe in the power of the unknown
like the sea as we live it and now become fullground
you think i’m crazy talking about all this cr-p
just saying that i miss you and i want you back, like that

repeat reff

yes i know kadang kita lelah and
yes i know kadang ku tidak mengalah but
no aku tidak akan menyerah
walau sekarang kamu banyak berubah
yes i know we had a problem
yes i know everytime we solve them
we back at one step like the first time
i laid eyes at the one that i know
she’s the one, here we go

you are my world and there’s no lies to be told
baby baby come back to me
baby just let your heart melt

repeat reff [2x]

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