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lirik lagu ambi (death2myteenage) – ijustfuckinhatebeingneglected


got my eyes closed while i fall again
whoever said that i needed any friends
i’ma take them down, he gon’ drown in this sin
take a lemon, then i mix it with gin
i know i’m a tweaker, i’m a whole d~mn sin
that don’t really mean you got to throw me in the den
get rid of me, b~tch, please try again
i got a big heater and it hold about ten, i don’t got opps, i just got fans
these n~ggas want to talk but do not have no plans
release my thoughts, i need to free memory
you don’t know sh~t about gremory
i want to see you fall, f~ck memories, i’m overloading off a sensory
they don’t really love me, they just leave me to be

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