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lirik lagu ​alybob – why should i


[verse 1]
understated and sedated
oh so young and always faded
working overtime
losing my mind again

at the bottom got no power
love once was, and then turned sour
got no grip to stand [end to end?]

[chorus 1]
but why should i have tears in my eyes?

[verse 2]
addicted to your [?] color
in my vans from [?] to [?]
you’re a symphony
put it on repeat

stories don’t want to remember
pages burned from ash to ember
wish it can be replaced
forgotten and erased

[chorus 2]
but why should i?
it’ll only cause tears in your eyes
but why should i

so i should have
so i should havе
so i should have
so i should have

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