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lirik lagu almightygd


yo , it’s almightygd on the beat
you hear me
broski turn me up in the headphones
freestyle coming off the dome
free hubbac , long live light bulb ,long live tae sav
u know how i rock
big gd sh~t
n~ggas tough up on the net till we pull up chopps and tecs ar bullets split dey caps
he said i’m p~ssy were he at smacked em outside my crib made dat lil n~gga turn a rat
glizzy wit the 50 it get swiftly had yhu b~tch up in back giving quickies
got the drop can’t wait to slide wit dat
bout to turn yhu mans into a ricky
why they tryna make it known we oppz
i’m tryna find out where they @
ran down , up on him made him sh~t his self turned that n~gga to a pac for a rack big glock 19 u know i never lack
got bro bro by my side u know thеy got my back
100 round drum left him mom dead at that red light
pullеd up he was hanging from the window
screaming he ain’t wanna fight
5 seconds later boyz popped up i was taking flight
one month later like i ain’t neva left i’m bacc