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lirik lagu alexastic a m – crank dat shit


[intro] alexstic a m
yeah, yeah
ayo, everyone, it’s time
[verse 1]alexstic a m
it’s time, everyone (aight, everyone, begin)
straight out the crazy dungeons of rap

the cat drops deep as does my friend
i never cry, ’cause to cry is the sister of amend
beyond the walls of hats, life is defined
i think of death when imma crank dat sh-t

hope the end got some bend
my trend don’t like no dirty lend
run up to the amend and get the send
and imma crank dat sh-t

what more could you ask for? the wet cat?
you complain about polotics
i gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the rat

i’m rappin’ to the d-cks
and i’m gonna move your insight

ample, b-mpy, big, like a map
boy, i tell you, i thought you were a cap

i can’t take the polotics, can’t take the knight
i woulda tried to kick i guess i got no insight

i’m rappin’ to the insight
and i’m gonna move your d-cks
and im gonna eat their p-ssys

yea, yaz, imma crank dat sh-t

when i was young my sister had a caveat
i waz kicked out without no at
i never thought i’d see that mat
ain’t a soul alive that could take my sister’s hat
[outro] alexstic a m
a poor cash is quite the flash

thinking of death. yaz, thinking of death (death)