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lirik lagu alan vaytsman, josh schoenbrun and the cast of hsm – winter in june


winter in june

once upon a time
winter in the snow
we have a lot of stuff to do
there is a place to go
that’s where it would try, the spell as it goes by, and even though it never dies
winter only june, sunday afternoon
be our guest for their next quest with belle
the good old loving bookworm is a lot of good friends and a wonderful story to tell
beast, teen beast and prince: we got a lot of fun
beast, lumiere cogsworth and maеstro: come on everyonе beast and villagers: we got a lot of stuff to do for fun
lumiere: chips a little boy who gets his days in the sun
beast, prince and teen beast: and everyone can come and have some fun, lumiere and cogsworth: we got a lot to do dinner for just two belle and the beast are entertaining you
beast, prince, teen beast and villagers: come on everyone let us have some fun. we got a lot of stuff to do before it’s noon
the spell is gonna be broken by midnight and we’re all human again but now all:
it’s only winter in june