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lirik lagu alan jackson – to do what i do


to do what i do

i’ve been a waiter, a roofer, a clerk
i’ve shoveled manure till my pride hurt
when you’re starting out, it’s all part of the work
to do what i do
i’ve been evicted for not making rent
made my daddy wonder where my good sense went
for the price of a dream, my years have been spent
to do what i do

so i stand here tonight with this six string guitar
to be something i’ve always been in my heart
just for the chance to play you my song
the thrill when i hear you singing along
it’s been worth everything i’ve been through
to do what i do

i’ve played for empty tables and chairs
the drunks that don’t listen, the crowds that dont care
been told countless times boy you ain’t goin’ nowhere
to do what i do

so i hope the critics and skeptics alike
all bought a ticket to this show tonight
and they’ll see firsthand that i have survived
and what doesn’t kill you makes you more alive
and i’m one of the fortunate few
to do what i do

there’s so much joy this music can bring
so i count my blessings when i step up to sing
cause they’re so many people who would give anything
to do what i do

and i thank you
i can do what i do

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