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lirik lagu ajax the lesser – noname


[verse 1: ajax the lesser]
we not just saying no names
we saying the wrong names
we ignoring the most hurt
displaying the wrong pain
women and siblings attacked by blood
their fighting was in vain
the gaslighting is insane
the bad dragon ain’t been slain
we black men change the story
treat the rest like allegory
as if we the main characters
and their struggles for our glory
toyin was fighting for the family
breonna was asleep
taken from the world by others
but ignored by ones who look like me
i can see i ain’t enough
i’m not presently what they need
that’s a call to action so i can grow
to the place that i need to be
this ain’t news
or revelation
trans women are facin hatred
from both police
and black men who act a fool
and act complacent
check ourselves
and check our friends
cause the way that this really ends
is when black women
get uplifted through their life
not just in trends
and when black men show up
like day after day
we won’t be free till there’s really
no names left to say