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lirik lagu aj_official2005 – toxic


these remain the last days of my life
i’ve been used & taken advantage of like a hooker in the streets
now i grew tired and now i’m on my last strike
watching you lay awake as your blood soaks in your sheets
i just want revenge for the way that you have treated me
all my “friends” left me to rot because of you
i guess it made you happy unlike the way it didn’t delight me
but you continue to remain a child in your youth
like peter pan and thе lost boys who never wanted to grow up
whilе i remain captain hook watching you from afar
but at least with me i never needed someone else or backup
to tell me that i hate you and that your the deepest scar
that i hid from my friends,bc you remain a embarassment
for the world to see, and that goes for your mom too
who remains a woman who leaves me confused & baffled
over the years through and through~

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