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lirik lagu air i breathe – vultures


i will destroy all that’s in my way.
believe me there will be no mercy.
so go ahead and f-cking touch me.
i won’t cease, you’ll end up feet deep.
so go ahead and f-cking touch me.

left for dead, and far too busy biting down on the cement. shattered grin to match the cracks that stretch across this old pavement.
you’re sc-m.

i’ll rip your worthless life right from your eyes.
i’ll f-cking seize everything!!

like f-cking vultures, prey upon the weak.
like f-cking vultures, like f-cking vultures.
this will not end tonight, a plague sent from the sky. we’ll hunt and we will feast:
an unstoppable breed. forget your hopes and dreams. i’ll slaughter everything.

we are the fear in the back of your mind.
we are the rutheless and we cannot die (we cannot die!!)
like a disease running down through your own spine, we are the rutheless and we won’t die.

this is more than a war, this is the dawning of a god d-mn m-ssacre. it’s time we settle this score, so from your throat to the floor, blood will pour!!! blood will pour.

oh! i’ll raise a toast to those decayed.
and p-ss all over your f-cking grave.