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lirik lagu against me – untitled



you tell me actions all that i, could ever do or say,
and me and my jealousy have stole your songs and p-ssed them off as my own.
as much as i would like for it not to show,
you can smell the stink on my breath and in my clothes, its so obvious.

if i could only be, half the things you write about in your songs,
if i could only mean half as much to anyone.

and in my arrogance i write, pages of anger, hate and spite,
all of the reasons i have to trust, absolutely no one.
today i heard you on my stereo, and it shamed me, and it shamed me to think,
that i could be so unoriginal.

well i could only be half the genius that you are.
to feel such honest one, to show love. i would show you love.

well if i could only feel half as resolute in my beliefs.
if i could only sing with such bravery.
i cannot explain how much you mean to me.
without your words i would be lost.

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