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lirik lagu adam sandler – cool guy 1


cool guy 1

[sean:] ooh baby, you looking good.

[girl:] thanks sean.

[sean:] you got it going on strong, baby. skin so soft and hair so right.

[girl:] i think you’re nice too, sean.

[sean:] let me take off this shirt of yours and see that beauty mama has given you. [taking off her clothes]- ohh, so fine so right.

[girl:] oh sean, you’re so silly.

[sean:] what’s going on with these little silk panties, baby? slowly, slide them to the ground. [taking down her panties] (gasps) yeah, baby yeah. that’s what i’m talking about.

[girl:] it’s my turn sean. let me take down your pants. [begins to unzip his pants]

[sean:] is that what you want to do baby? why don’t you put those soft sweet hands on my jimmi-jamma.

[girl:] …on your what?

[sean:] on my– on my manhood,… baby.

[girl:] no wait a minute did you say “jimmer jammer” before?

[sean:] well i– i guess i did, i–

[girl:] [beginning to gather all her clothes] i got to go.

[sean:] no, no, you sure about this, baby?!

[girl:] yeah, later king jimmer jammer. [leaves]

[sean:] yeah, cause i’ll… cause i’ll call you. d-mn!!! walking out all naked and sh-t.

[the end]

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