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lirik lagu across the sun – life. respect.


recant your words
we’ll find out strength
as i stand beside the rusty windowsill
more thoughts of you
run through my head

still can’t believe it’s come to this
we are forever
on written scripture
through resurrection

walk slow across the world
embrace the lives forsaken
wronged nevermore

recite the words that give solace
forward marching
into our destiny
on broken wings we fly upon those
who need shelter from the rain


cut the strains of anguish
and bury pain in it’s wake

take not for granted
those who ache
so others survive
those are the ones deserving
of your time

embrace your heart
and open it up to all
so it beats forever
recant the words we find
that breaks us of our strife
and separate us
from evil forever

there’s one simple way
you’ll finally recognize
what must be done