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lirik lagu absofacto – feathers (don’t change on me)


hold still
you’re exactly where i need you to be
in among the wings
the moon can rise but they won’t fly home
some might try, but they’re too old

they used to come and go in waves
apropos of nothing i could base my resolution on
although a hole would appear
like a jigsaw puzzle in a mirror

i tried a thousand different forms but until yours, not one fit quite right

far and wide
any bird i’ve ever heard of is here
interlocked and wove
they fold around and they frame you right
just like some escher might draw

they used to come in go in waves
apropos of nothing but a chain of numbers on a page
i lost a long time ago in the maelstrom, oh, it’s how it goes

i tried a thousand different forms but until yours nothing fit quite right

when it rains it pours, but all that comes down are feathers
and if you jump off that cliff, you’ll only gonna land in feathers
and if you walk out that door, your body’ll turn into feathers
i tried it all once before, and it changed me forever

so don’t change on me
don’t change on me now