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lirik lagu abk anybody killa – while you’re sleeping


while you’re sleeping

[verse 1]
now i lay me down to sleep
i pray my dreams don’t slowly creep
caught up in a web with no escape
something the mind can’t break unless you wide awake
have you ever had a nightmare, and been scared?
then woke up in the morning and forgot it was there
then the sh-t really happens like deja-vu
but you sit back and act like you never knew
the same situation happened in my life
and i feel that i sould tell it cause the timing is right
now the only reason that i’m speakin’ is cause i’m teachin’
thinkin’ if i let it out my head’ll stop tweakin’
mixed emotions caused from stress
that reunite when you lay your head down to rest
it’s like creatures of the night leavin nothing but bad news
and things about the future that might make you confused

[verse 2]
i remember way back in the day
at the age of 13 before moms p-ssed away
the dreams that i had people said weren’t right
like the evilness of afterlife lurkin’ in the night
candlelight blew out, bed stops shakin’
down on my knees prayin’, askin’ to be taken
to another life where it’s safer than this
not a dream but reality i hope for this wish
but it never came true so i’m stuck in this place
just a native actin’ crazy that keeps changin’ his face
searchin’ for the final answer so i can spread the word
now that you really see me i’m just askin’ to be heard
we all in this together, so they call us night crawlers
think the world’s feelin’ weary because we gettin’ smarter
silohettes in the hallway, dead men holla
can’t sleep at night cause the spirits won’t allow ya

[blaze ya dead homie talking]
you know bein’ dead
i remember thinkin’ death would be horrible and terrifying
sh-t, i mean that’s what everybody thinks
but now, having died and sh-t
i can now see everything
like every question the living have, i now know the answers to
it’s like i’m awake now, and living was just a dream

[verse 3]
call me the dream catcher, mother earth smoker
peyote pack piece pipes hallucinatin’ toker
blessed with the wisdom that you see in my eyes
don’t be surprised if you ever think you caught up inside
like the awakaning of life, or the p-ssion of death
that keeps you jumpin’ up in shivers from ice cold breath
now you swear you’re being followed everytime that you rest
or you feel sharp pains drillin’ deep in your chest
i don’t expect anyone to believe if they don’t want to
but don’t expect yourself to rest in peace when spirits haunt you
make your choice people dream it or not
it’s time to look into the situation we got
pinpoint the whole problem, get rid of all the anger
release all the stress before the world becomes a stranger
medicine man above your headboard with a dream catcher
in the blood of the boogie man the warrior’ll protect ya

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