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lirik lagu abk anybody killa – brace yo self


brace yo self
(feat. axe murder boyz)

you cant f-ck with us, nope not gunna happen and you can spend your whole life rappin b-tch! we on a higher level, a bigger plateua way above lookin down on them weak hoes we got the game locked ain’t n-body comin through no ones around to hold us down even if they wanted to, so take a step back (move aside out the way) the underground is comin through the family is here to stay.
its time to recenize really whats infront of you, paranormal music with a rhythm you can boogie to. given you hot flashes, makin your body shake felling the b-ss between your toes like you in an earthquake. so keep your head bangin we know you like it rough, i feel the same sometimes i cant get enough that’s how we do undinably the hardest. and garented to life to go the farthest.

brace yo self and hold tight because tonight is gunna be a long ride.
no one else can do this like us because they mind ain’t right.
all i know is when it comes to the hatchet we attach it.
and that’s fho sho. cause its impossible to f-ck with psychopathic. (whoop whoop)

heads cracken when we rappen. brains melt and leak out, bout to f-cken freak out, and put a bullet in your mouth. down south up north from the east to the west, be some downest mother f-ckers that’ll put you to rest, for me, cut, bleed, and die so very slowly, leave your body holey, cut my initials so you know me, homie, abk and amb representing family that’s the way its gunna be droppen haters rapidly.

yo yo brace your self brake yourself take the 9 millimeter and erase your self try save yo self from the tribe called crazy amb and abk we fade your face peice, chop a little out of the top of your shoulder, take the engine out of a lawn mower, make an explosive, put it under your front seat for f-cken with ottis… don’t act like a never told ya.. to brace yo self.


brace yo self and hold on tight if i were you i would not let go. you cross that line into are are domain now we have to kill you slow..ain’t no exscapeing there’s no way out now you belong to us. now your exposed to the underground so you can see who not to trust!

psychopathic automatic fresh sh-t on the mind. ain’t n-body cut this we stay hardest from the grin brace yo self cause when we hit your dome its goen splat! better be ready for the attack. with an axe, hatchet, or gat

you can never stop are face in with the boots i wear id be surprised if they fit and i’m a size 10 playa, industries your name is chump change, you ain’t worth sh-t!
your whole life is just a joke like a comedy bit

right right 7 inches worth the butcher knife stuck inside your hooker wife just cause she was lookin right everytime we do a show i take the show and take a life.
brace yo self and say goodnight underground scrub life b-tch

we axe murdering the industries and killing anybody hiden in the ally creepen through there lobbys red and black we at war and we ready to fight. so you better brace yo self and hold on tight!


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