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lirik lagu a place called hell – i’ll covr u 2024


found love in the midst of round 2/ brown love when i kiss the ground/ shelter the dead, sacrifice the found few/ sage blessings over brown stew/ king of the cowards til his crown flew/ it’s only a matter of time before evaline disembowels you/ the pile of manure where he found truth/ the dirt off his soldier was sound truth/ which sounds uncouth considering he lost his je ne se coix accoutrements around 2/ we rally troops/ the vallеy’s in comatose, the hills have еyes that are round, too/ the iris turns from brown to blue/ now that’s what i call less bountiful/ no pity i hound the fool/ prowl, howl, then poof, and pounce aloof/ frantic confused just how i move/ sound proof fountains of youth/ that’s just the point we leave the falcons to prove/ the malice shall behoove you/ practice practical voodoo/ color me bad ju ju/ shew shew, fly, can’t you see that in a past life i was xiu xiu/ a chance for freedom what the noose drew/ n~ggas in paris for the coon zoo/ n~ggas embarrassed to let loose like “n~gga, i knew you/ the spark died in your eyes at 22/ and i prayed for nights on end because i didn’t wanna lose you”/ collins met angel with a bruised tooth/ but i didn’t know myself so i questioned who was exposing who’s truth/ the tight ship he ran had a loose screw/ joints lewis and clark canoes through/ sacagawea probably had her hands and feet tied while they cruised, too/ become not a victim of old new/ because there are more saved lives inside of a phone booth/ retreat to his throne doomed/ he without sin throw the first shoe/ the other one will drop in due time, let the curse brew

and now i know who i am from the start/ i am the end all be all even before it starts/ some kind of monster the sum of all it’s parts/ i turn this whole city red, turn this murder into art

let that n~gga know let that n~gga know (4x)

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