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lirik lagu 8×4 yp, demon, sparko – no hook


moron beats

yp i’m in love with the beef ting pedal bike trips with my rambo tucked
don’t get caught like tobz, he tried to run but he ran out of luck
can’t run me a girl like ? and slip in the t like his brother prof
when we got 3 yutes broad day that was me with the twins sparko and jugz
they seen ps and bb step, panic scatter dust

ao’s pops got banged with a bat
fat boy adz got banged with a bat
olga got turned to a pack, half of briggs is billing that
bro was itching to let it burst, i’m itching to do one first
me and ps are tapped in the head, we’re ready to let it burst
you don’t wanna buck twins on the mains, sparks and jugs will do you first
you don’t wanna buck twins on the mains, sparks and jugs will do you first
ran down nikz in front of his b~tch, got y.adz in front of his b~tch
watch thеm man just panic and sprint, dotz in my hand and its ready to kick
how many times we do thеm pr~cks, skiddy~bop then he get dipped
bb hop out the ride and grab him, do him up, then lets dip
yp is way too loose, give him a shank and then he’ll go coo
yk is way to diff, one text and he’ll jeet your b~tch
d1 is all about gang you know he’s walking around with sticks
bad b wants me to cuff her told her shh and suck my d~ck
bad b wants me to f~ck her told her shh and hold my stick
only violations no respect, look here bet any violation could lead to your death only long rambos going straight to your neck
i linked this bad b but she got bad breath
thats suttin man didn’t expect
chattin on the gang i don’t respect
look, the opp boys been splashed up wet, their youngers been whacked up bet, bt got stamped on his head and my bro yp done cheffed up jezz
dipping out like chips and ketchup, you know i left man red
next day i’m back on the block trapping up daily bakin dat bread
i dunno if i should roll with my kitchen, or my rambo knife instead
we done so much drills that ain’t said, like bro just look at the scoreboard oh my days we’re way to ahead
y’know i’m coming in like chukz swinging swinging straight for your head

nikz ain’t done no drills for f~ck sake just stop
he talks bout spilling juice but who man has he f~cking touched
and i dont wanna skiddy~bop coz skiddy~bop done table hop
me and yr are on a two man step one got splashed and several man cut

question, would you back your friend if you could? i dont think you would, jump out gang in all of your hood
your sis like f~cking fire, she’s catting to take my wood, you ain’t make bandz you’re a f~cking liar, i’ll run up and take your goods

why is joel flexing on vids? i already stomped his f~cking wig
i’ll show you who’s on who when i slide a9 with my 15 inch
can’t say i’m not on beef we stomped on bt and he left his b~tch
joel come collect your phone, ts block you know where it is
you was out there tryna get some babes while i was out there tryna do sh~t bait
pull~up ?, skate, how many opps been cheffed up badly, this bad b wants the f~cking bally don’t get caught on a lack like bradley

jezz got got and fell to the floor adz ran for his life, ksav got bored
the same way bt got got, i done kicked jo~jo to the floor
alan ran into mcd’s kitchen ? ? ? ? ? force
the scoreboard looking 14~2, the retaliation from them is poor
can’t tell me about beef, 32 soldiers are winning the war

trap house mob
moron beats