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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – tux


you suck this my tux lux gold pentagram on me i give zero f~cks tux lux. independent sell out other brothers pout they sour 8twins stepping on false repping u a b~tch why he popped pepping. i hate ppl who don’t know who they is 8twins got pentagrams on his wrist they big given me sist. i’m a legend trigger finger still twitching but its at rest resting. i am cresting the moon the earth the stars h~lls rebirth from afar. my tux on point its my tux lux starry~eyed pretty boy getting a s~xual ritual tonight tonight i pick my victim i’m talking cryptic demonic diblaric sacrificеs through a shiny tux lux tux is my sire as tux is their greatеst desire my tux go in flames on fire. i’m the devils mercenary for hire. girls come to my tux lux like a dope wh0re off a dope man thats me the dope man with my pentagram on my hand racking p~ssy taking names selling bands f~cking my fans doing satanists errands. f~ck you who you is how you do f~ck you. i’m 8twins making those k!llings off a couple millions