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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – shawty


(vibe shawty come and vibe with me (yeah)
come and smoke with me shawty come and
f~ck with me yeah. i know what you need for
real all i know is i got big dreams just a couple
of teens trying to live in their dreams.)
room looks like sh~t as if i just got hit i am depressed
as f~ck i need liquid luck liquid. liquid courage to put
that fake face on smile and wave i need love. my one and
only love lost her life made that commitment with the dope
she sacrificed. spitting heart beat hitting tongue out the mouth
slurring i am a zombie stuck in a lucid dream. dream pop a bean
ciga cigarette dank the stank pop a prank (yeah) i am on that 8twinsway