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lirik lagu 8twinsnme – real shit


hook~ on real sh~t i hit on real sh~t i spit i got so many on the hit list

verse~ i speak on the real recently almost got k!lled but the punk got in his feels he was a rapper worth a couple mills but he spent it on pills

verse ~ you see i was his supplier and i f~cked his girl cause she was my only desire at the time. she was taking my lines so i funneled the hoe and became that ogs foe you see i ain’t tryna be a banger i just got an eight on my fanga dropped a mistake it was a hit a so called bangеr

i just have association’s with rival gangs so i must always be ready to slang i bе always stuck in the middle for i am the realest because i got no set to hold em back its only me as it always be. so you see 8twins real on the struggle of addiction and pain but honestly my greatest addiction lies upon selling those drugs when i hit the dope i don’t care for it much but all my boys do it so hush i always be either selling or wanting to for drugs are profitable

verse ~ i can make what you make in a year within a month flipping the profit if all goes well but in this game nothing goes as planned next thing you know off with yo shoota hand

verse~ i can’t stand ppl who flex on set for they lame i’m in the dope game