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lirik lagu 8percent – end of the world


(thank u, i’ll say goodbye soon, oh it’s the end of the world, don’t blame yourself, now
and if it’s true, i will surround u, and give life to our world, is that so wrong?)

babygirl always stay calling my phone
i cannot talk baby, i’m in my zone
i’m all alone, thoughts in my head
got me wishing you was laying in bed
right next to me, baby we’ll see
only time will tell if this meant to be
is it for real? is our love true?
do you love me? cause i love you
and i want you to know, i make mistakes, i learn and grow
but i never break, no i never fold
everything i touch turn into gold
everything we touch turn into roses
but u ain’t here, and my hearts frozen, d~mn