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lirik lagu 8lak3_ – i miss the old zuko [remastered]


i miss the old zuko
straight from the dead zuko
the best rapper zuko
post all the beats zuko
i like the new zuko
the play keytar zuko
the vibe and chill zuko
release stickers zuko
i miss the sweet zuko
all wholesome zuko
i got to say, at that time i’d like to meet zuko
see he invented zuko
there wasn’t any zuko’s
and now i look and look around and there’s so many zuko’s
i still love zuko
i still love zuko
i even wore the old merch
i thought i was zuko
what if zuko made a song, about zuko?
called “legend cеrtification,” man that would be so zuko
that’s all it was zuko
we still love zuko
and i lovе you like zuko loves zuko