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lirik lagu 8corpses – ode to the pharisee



looking like a penguin
struggling to be sanguine
wish i wasn’t this melancholy
i’m that f~cking junkie
zero days clean
f~ck constantine
oscar wilde quotes
have planted a seed
thinking i’m pr~ne to naivety
so many people have tried to
turn on me
i am the infidel
taking form like a gargoyle
l!cking my finger tips
as dine on a crass carcass

i’m essentially
jekyll and hyde
there’s no where you can hide
you will reek of formaldehyde
watch hope flow through you
like sand threw your fingers
never mistake me
for a c~cksucker
i’m cutthroat
it’s the cavalier cadaver
will end a life
i’m a poignant
prolific disappointment
with a suicidal appetite (appetite)