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lirik lagu 88ight – prayer pt.2


down on my knees had to get it up
i shout when im asleep had to run it up
i ran when i’m sad hard to speak it up
i told my momma i will pray when i’m up
oh lord yeah you know me
i’m thankful for the people put me up
give me the chance i will prove it i’m right
innocent till i’m guilty oh right
i done murder lotta n~gga on the beat
i didn’t even say their names n~gga
i don’t kiss and tell i dont run for the feds
if you with it get it up and defend
i pray i will make to the next day
i wanna see the sun shine on my face
i pray i will make to the next day
i wanna see my babies and play with them
i pray i will makе it to the next day
i wanna pray evеn more if i ever fall asleep

i sleep then i wake up
i breathe wanna rest up
i leave for my people
i believe f~ck what he saw
i ran when he blew

days in my past wish i been around
i wish for the times i was hiding back
i wish for them days could just end fast
i wish my momma could just hear me out
i wish i ain’t got no bodies in my back
i wish i never picked up when they ask
wish i never met you in the park
wish i never said my name out loud
lotta regrets i don’t f~ck with that
i told my n~gga never die for a crack
so i whip it whip it shawty crazy
diamond dancing on me yeah i’m brazy
f~ck the judge he gave that n~gga 80
his babymama tripping, she crippin
d~mn i hurt your ego i’m sorry
i ain’t apologize i’m no p~ssy
i’m a real n~gga stood in the game
14 as a kid had to move some weight
told my partner get it bout to lose my faith
couldn’t stand up ashamed from the game
had to find god then lose some weight
lost my partner in the process of the way
had to made some risks i ain’t proud of
had to make it alive can’t run from my time
from allah we come to him we shall return
i love my bruddas ain’t no way i’m going back
i was running for them had to lay on my back
i was on some sh~t just look in my eyes
i was jumping fences shooting in the skies
asking allah could you show me the light
have you ever felt you just breathing a lie?
i told my brother let’s get it don’t cry