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lirik lagu 83hades – wxrldtour


shawty knows that i got demons in my f~cking head
but she don´t care anyway, she down for the s~x
its only if im getting paid is the p~ssy wet
you won´t, you won´t see another day with this fully set
lil shawty drawing me in with the movements
im running in and grab my chopper, we start shooting sh~t
80 people know you around the globe, like i ain´t new to this
i cannot count how many times i [?] a b~tch
garbage truck is coming, pick him up like they been moving him
lost too many brothers, god please can i stop losing them
long black hair, shawty lookin’ good in louboutin

get it out of my head, she my b~tch for now but we just met
getting really close to her [?], now she upsеt
and you know that she´s really down when shе [?]
i think she fell in love listenin’ my music
these b~tches think they worth my time, its amusing
and lil’ shawty is a dime but she`s useless
and she don`t like the other crime but im human
i just send a shot, [?] heart like i´m cupid
everybody hatin’, trying hard to refute it
no one can compete, ’cause i’m really going stupid

stop it, they know they can’t stop it
when i walk in they like “that’s the one who´s poppin'”
[?] i´m addicted to robbin’
hands up boy, now we runnin’ through his pockets
shawty think she bad cause’ she f~ckin’ with a convic
let me tell you baby i´m the one that f~ckin’ done sh~t
i won`t hit her phone, yeah i´m on some one and done sh~t
my [?] going dumb, yeah its on that donald trump sh~t
i´m up in her guts like a motherf~ckin’ pumpkin
now i´m coming back, you make wrong assumptions
shawty hit my phone, what she missin’ is [?]
everybody hate me, mention me i swear i love it
hit it from the back, she said she feel it in her stomach (woah)
just because [?] don´t want it
when i´m in the trap, i stay with my beretta
if the b~tch is bad, make her my header
you get wet, but i guess i get it wetter
say it to my face stupid hoe, you´d never
know what i´m about, but they swear they doing better
i´m flying out south for a show, we get extra
watch out, do not mess with him or he might [?]
talk down, [?] my name and we correct ya
83 little b~tch i am my own genre
how the f~ck they stab me in the back and get [?]
thoughts up in my head, they make me think that i´m a monster
i´m vibin’ in this b~tch, but we gon’ k!ll him if he talk tough
everyone i left gettin’ angry that i bossed up
don´t try switching lanes, ’cause i promise you´ll get crossed up
it´s free my brother kas out the pen, got him locked up
333 on my neck i might act up
one of a kind please don´t queue me with these rappers
i need an exorcism, like sombody call a pastor
you realize when you´re down only real ones they are after
wanna make a hit, then buy a feat, i´m the master
and i´m moving way faster
[?] get wet, weather forecaster
with a tec we gon’ turn him into casper
how the f~ck i go from up to disaster
[?] blunt to the face, so don´t ask about passing it
no i don´t bleed
you gon’ need to pay the price if you talk to me
and i´m coolin’ with your b~tch, she on her hands and knees
you can give a thot the world, they still won´t be pleased
i got police out to get me ’cause i´m movin’ beans
its too late to turn back, give me all the keys