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lirik lagu 83hades – tunnelvizion


on the (?), i want you right on the (?)
i regret, not even trying to flirt
if i took your sh~t, i will not give it back
spend that sh~t, i’ma get it back and then i spend it again
shorty i might have like f~ck on you but im not missing it
i don’t let no one eat of my plate, i haven’t finished it

let everybody think that i’m humble
let everybody think i forgot
everybody wanna come outta the jungle
i got the sh~t outta mud and the ruble

all these motherf~cking jerks that i smuggle
sorry shawty i ain’t mean to burst your bubble
you bark loud you can get pressed with the muzzle
i can’t even see the end of the tunnel
come down to see me if you in trouble
whoever you are for me i want double
catching flies, lv, on my duffel
tell me what do you know about struggle?

push all this way, f~ck muscle
they tryna stop what im sayin’ with my flows
please don’t compare yourself to me
because we are up to a whole different level
im in the club when you see me throw albums
people be stubborn they won’t let me help them
everyone ain’t me i did a few (?)
stop taking drugs but yes i still sell them
people won’t listen i gotta still tell them
a gun get emotion now i call it melvin
everyone fake me and turn me so (?)
i have n0body on my side i feel helpless
b~tch im allergic to rats, no (?)
ate the whole plate i need none of their helping
that’s just how it be, no i cannot help it
pull out my d~ck like a trunk (?)
im with my demons but we is all heaven~sent
tell me what you claim, tell me what you represent
im all on the beat little b~tch, i get elegant
for what im doing i hope they remember it
i promise im smart but my chopper is ignorant
guns going off, might k!ll even innocents
don’t even wantned no (?), i guess my gliss is ignorant
i use that b~tch when im on like a membership

(k!ll stacy)
im pulling up baby, you know im into it
she told me when i’m with gang im too ignorant
we got a glock with a d~ck at the end of it
spin on your block, give a f~ck whats your (?)
he won’t be (?) can’t give em a membership
all these lil boys wanna get on my level but
n~gga (?) glock, they ain’t even hittin’ sh~t
im at the top but i can’t even saddle cuz
if its my money, you know that we gettin’ it
these n~ggas mad and they broke, i am fixin’ it
i got them scared across all that chickening
i got a lot going b~tch i be shippin’ em
big dog smoke, you know that we ripping it
i turn your men to a pack and then flippin’ em