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lirik lagu 83hades – showz


if i keep working this hard, someone gotta come my way
if he keep playin’ with me, i swear i put god up in his place

im making too many friends, i forgot (?) race
why would i like the government, they have put my bro in a cage
(?) shorty say something before i f~cking walk away
turn around and (?) i guess she (?)

i pop another perc it (?)
to take this f~cking pain away
but that is how my brother died it gave him wings he flew away
b~tch im pulling out the blower there’s no wind he blew away
and im f~cking with your shorty i think ill do it today
now im finally getting money i don’t care about what they say
and yes this chop anybody, it don’t care about you anyway
he thought hе run up em, i concerned еm on his way
these bullets flying out the chopper, sent the (?)

ive been moving (peasy?) moving os
you don’t even really wanna know
i be out, grippin’ on (?)
i be out, doing all the shows

remember that night, at the (?)
used to be their man until we turned them to a t~shirt
told that b~tch to suck up on my d~ck until her knees hurt
i would never give your ass a free verse
believe it is (?) that sh~t reverb
like im about to put this b~tch in reverse
all the others (?)

shorty, im in love with it
all my bros are starting to turn fake, i don’t f~ck with it
fistin’ on her p~ssy, im a motherf~cking (?)
all up on the corn im shootin’ bees, i get (?)
i don’t wanna do this any longer, its too hard
i don’t do (?) cuz (?)
they got the female (?) when i run in and break the bars
if i gotta die then i wanna be known for living long
(?) speak this someone important tell me who’s in charge

everybody is the f~cking same, we just had different choices
all this sh~t is trapped up in my head im hearing different voices
you won’t make it to the top, you’re self, you’re just being wasted
pick myself up, im so sick, im coming home wasted
(?) just to stub (?)
can i (?) once, why the f~ck i got my 9 aimin’
wanna step into the (?) jungle, it get violated
i cannot wait for you then i want you (?) baby
if you with this game you know the chance id hold you down baby
i ain’t got n0body left on my side, i’ve been down lately
if i ever found out that you died i just might go crazy
if she ask why im evil, i say that i sold my soul lately

(so~soul, tell me what you know, murder what she wrote, (?) she come back and make me pop another 4)

ive been moving (peasy?) moving os
you don’t even really wanna know
i be out, grippin’ on (?)
i be out, doing all the shows
all these showz