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lirik lagu 83hades – abasass


eh, ehh

b~tches be boring for no f~cking reason
the reason they hate you we think you was (?)
i spent racks in the bay just to get myself meaner
get down with the k, you dont get me their (?)
big ceo, but im like a (?)
pass me the gucci, ima make you put them gs on
ima slide down all with that matic
heard the boy died, yeah, thats so tragic
strap me from a (?) he dont want no static
stomping on his head, b~tch im boutta go bash him
if he want that smoke, we can meet up, we can blast him
talking like he bad, everybody know he camping
bluh, gluh
(im the captain now)
b~b~tch i am the captain now, smoking on that packy yuh
gonna tap in now, yeah this pistol finna back em out
(?) sun down, this a run down
i be sayin put the guns down, we gon gun em down
every dollar how he talkin then we gonna get him found
b~tch im rockin bb, b~tch im rocking playground
found his body on the street, found em in a playground
put the muzzle to his neck, how he say it to my face now
b~tch i am a dog, ima bring out all these cages now
bring the k round, (?)
all you rappers goofies everything you do is played out
these bullets hit em like a chain, body gettin laid out
b~tch this is a burglary, people think the worst of me
got the heater on my hip, put em to the 3rd degree