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lirik lagu 83hades – 333


they all~they all tryna drop me now, but i (?) it
everybody tryna rob me now, but i been gettin it
shorty at the crib i pull it out and have her spin on it
said he wanna burn movin pelicans
b~tch gave me her intelligence
i ain’t rock with them, cuz i heard they with that tellin sh~t
pull up to the party my whole group is with that felon sh~t
parties in my bas~m~nt im so sorry can you (?) the sh~t
if i want a kilo hit up rico he a mexican
talkin outta pocket like a xanax get to pressin him
blue tips in my rifle can you tell me whats a (?)

83 who? lets invest in him

im lazy as f~ck and my keyboard is broken i can’t do this sh~t sry