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lirik lagu 80cry – oxycodone


[ intro]
uh yea yea yea
uh yea yea yeaha

and i’m strapped up like taliban
no faith but truey pants
chill out take him out of his time
lets go (lets go)
take her on a date
that all white tesla road

walk out of saks and walk right back in
they like “how you doing it?”
and we turning your brodie to a hashtag n~gga stupid
got wings on me lil n~gga i feel protected
call your big bro usaine he run from action

[verse 2]
i put an oxy i’m off of an oxy this sh~t is so stupid
im posted with demons in lyn they shooting like cupid
red act no robitussin
‘bussin at his head xd give concussions
p~ssy ass boy we shoot at your cousin
no disrespect but ain’t no discussion
i was walking through the storm
i was walking through the storm
so much pain in my head
walking through the storm