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lirik lagu 808fiddi – racism – freestyle


i’m not racist, coz i got a crush on a white chick
(culture conscious, we are conscious about the culture as a clan)
all y’all white motherf~ckers is racist as f~ck
but you ain’t got sh~t on black n~ggas
them black n~ggas is the most racist on earth n~gga
it’s like racism is their veins, f~ck!!

pacing to the goal, now i’m racing for my skin
undervalued though, coz of the pigment of my skin
i don’t take it personal, nah it don’t bother me
coz personally i think it don’t matter what you think of me
matter of fact racism ain’t gone, it’s just yet to start again
the white men isn’t done, nah he got us all tamed
we don’t see the bigger picture, wе focus on minor things
if it’s trending the we follow wе all on the same thing
it’s mathematic how we multiplied and they divided us
it’s an attack mechanism, they divided and conquered us
we stay poor then they rescue us by giving us jobs
now you worth 6 g’s a month when you could be making more
see it’s working and i have to give props to that
we all following the system without looking back
go to school and go to college, get a well~paying job
living better than average and give a shoutout to god
(check it)
black people are the most racist and that’s a fact
always using apartheid as an excuse and that’s whack
you don’t wanna be labelled black but you call white people “whites”
that in itself is racism stop acting brainwashed
stop being lazy, it’s important to think
action is more crucial coz your passion can be brutal
we fight amongst each other but we share the same forefathers
racism always offend us coz we lowkey have it in us
we get surprised if we see a cracker in the ghetto
but we got a lotta crack heads in the ghetto
now… mxm (i’m not even gonna say a lot)
i don’t even have to say more, y’all n~ggas know
y’all n~ggas is racist as f~ck
y’all black n~ggas is racist as f~ck, i cannot adapt
i mean why the f~ck you gotta be offended by racism like you ain’t racist too kafer, i mean if it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter my n~gga why you gotta do it like that? ahh!!