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lirik lagu 7smoke – feel me (walkin’)


[ intro }

i’ve been out here walking walking, like i’m on a mission
you ain’t gotta understand me, but i bet you feel me
all these people asking questions
yeah my momma feel me

i done walked my own path just to see it her turn away
broke my veins like a slave, when i couldn’t go astray
i done put my own fam, down in dirt, all in graves
then i had to smoke the blunt, jus to try to heal my pain
lord take the shame from my ways

[ verse 1 ]

okay verse 1, say i’m sorry to my loved ones
cursed one, cause i’ve seen the truth like i’m gods son
brith list, without a namе i was worthless
hurts cause i didn’t see you
but i wrote this
know this, imma makе you proud, cause i’m worth it
know this, imma burn the town, when i drop this
momma, i know that i make you frown when i talk ~sh~t~
so, children y’all gone gather round, i’m the boss b~tch

let me talk you up, call collect cause my mental lonely
when i got some questions, i dip off and ask the homie
he only one he
the only one really obi~wan ken0bi
why surviving feeling lonely
i can’t understand these plans
we the middle in his hands
no no don’t pass me zanx
i’ve been rolling off this gas
grass, running up this crash
maybe do a lil lawn work up in the back
i’m the man

i’ve been walking walking walking walking
i like i’m on a mission
why you p~ssy n~ggas y’all ain’t got my vision
you ain’t gotta understand me, but you better feel me
you seeing the real me

i done pick up all my past
best wishes for my last
see the veins beneath my pain
no, i’m never gonna change
i’m at war
imma paint my face
not a n~gga gone take my game

boy never lose your faith