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lirik lagu 7981 kal – dead opps pt. 3


[intro: g fredo]
boo boo boom boo boo boom
b~tch get low (brrrrr)
n~ggas know how we play whole lotta that (7981 kal)
n0b sh~t, you in obk
you get smoked n~gga (gang)
dead opps
b~tch with a headshot (ayy) (free the f~cking gang n~gga)
we the real get back gang
f~ck n~ggas talkin’ ’bout?
ayo kal you bomin’ brodie

[verse 1: 7981 kal]
ayo fredo, go ‘head n~gga (ayo fredo)
go grab the potato (potato)
like he don’t know that i k!ll for the k
so i pull up and give him a facial (radada)
he be talkin’ that sh~t but that n~gga a b~tch
and we know he ain’t even like that (he ain’t even like that)
they be claiming we even but see me
i’m breathing that n~gga can’t get his life back (can’t get his life back)

[verse 2: g fredo]
ayo kal
i hope jared’s k!ller [?] has a slow leak (slow leak)
hit him all in his sh~t with the switches
stand over that b~tch ‘fore they smoke me (smoke me)
it’s walk down
i get the drop i’ma sit on their spot till they pop out
556’s in my arp and these [?] i got knock a cop down

[verse 3: 7981 kal]
ride for the gang and die for the gang
so i live my life with no regrets (no regrets)
whip my sh~t from side to side when i aim
have my fully auto leave him wet (brrrrr)
chillin’ with the opps, n~gga think he hot
sh~t now he wanna send a threat (wanna send a threat)
now i’m tryna get him ‘fore lil brody k!ll him
so we went ahead and made a bet

[verse 4: g fredo]
wonder why fredo walk with a limp
why that bulge in his pants ’cause he walk with a stick
got a [?] on me when i spin on them kids
nothin’ less than a 30 gettin’ dropped when i spin
everybody got low when i slammed at their whip
whole summer is slow for them n~ggas again
thought we wasn’t on sh~t but it’s litty again
i feel bad for my opps most them n~ggas is dead

[7981 kal]
b~tch boy, yeah you put all them shots in my whip
but your mans got got in the whip (got in the whip)

[g fredo]
snitch boy, yeah you told on j money and mook
so you know when i catch you it’s lit (when i catch you it’s lit)

[7981 kal]
just remember my guys bout whatever
the glizzy on board and if not the beretta (beretta)

[verse 5: g fredo]
why y’all throw all them shots in his sweater?
’cause he was a b~tch so my shotta got with him (my shotta got with him)
who the f~ck n~ggas think on the bet
i slam on his ass every day ’til he dead (’til he dead)
scratch him off of the list now who’s next
got more slammers i still haven’t touched since we met (touched since we met)
and they know when i bring them sh~ts out
i make sure n~ggas straight, everyone get a stick (everyone get a stick)
my lil shottas ain’t all got a chop
so they get them a switch, b~tch r~t~rded she stutter and spit

[verse 6 / outro: 7981 kal]
see i got a glock if a bro got a glock
but i’d rather pull up with a tre five (with a tre five)
get the drop from a b~tch and pull up where he stay
hit him all in his sh~t tell him take 5
oppers want me dead but cannot get me
fool he’s riding dirty in the [?]
fully auto shake him like he diddy
run these hollows racing through his kidney