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lirik lagu 777villain – real life


i been mixing up my fantasies with real life
i know i’m wrong but the drugs make it feel right
under pressure
under pressure but i still fight
sometimes i think about what real love feels like
suicidal you don’t know what pain feels like
but i was jumping off a cliff
sh~t i still might
but now i’m focused
i just wanna get my sh~t right
on my grind
yeah i wanna live a good life

making music
i been working on it all night
smoking green
i know ima live a long life
on his block if he said something that i don’t like
let him know that if i see him then it’s on sight
neck is frozen looking something like a klondike
b~tch i’m dripping out her denim {?}
no cap
in my rack
get your facts right
no ghost
i don’t need no one to song write
~used to be poor~
now they think i need [?]
~suicidе doors~
n~gga ima get my bag
~you should get yours~
i be taking drugs
hit a ~nеw high score~
diamonds on me looking like i’m ~bling bling boy~
shawty said i’m nothing that she ~seen before~
i don’t give a f~ck
i got ~no remorse~
this is my life
only ~you decide yours~