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lirik lagu 721gusto – drift


n~ggas scared like i’m shooting with the autobot
german engineeering got u scared what the holocausts
bay blade spinning on the d~ck like at autobahn
id f~ck a whole country like atomic bomb

said i was a friend
told you it’s was plantonic huh
sorry p~ssu n~gga yea you got it wrong

when she get the talking i don’t even like knowledge huh
when it’s comes to money super sonics on

n~ggas want smoke
but got no gas
ask where is the weed man

n~ggas gettin hungry
on my plate
like an obese man

if see a n~gga on my swag
cease and decease man

choppa see a n~gga it might blow em
lgbt man
ed еd and eddy how i pull up with the wood
only herе to f~ck if i know the ass fat
shoulda woulda coulda but i beat the p~ssu good
chinese store how i walk and the kitty wave back

keep the change
todd gurley i don’t need a quarterback
dead end getting clapped in the back cup de sac
drive way getting head while the seat laid back
no need for the love you can keep your twitter bio
when i’m done (you) get the pass cuz i beat the p~ssy black
or brown like i’m chris cause i end it with kiss kiss
lin at the line under pressure aint no miss miss
dish dish

lways getting hooked just like a big fish
d~ck big
when i put it in need stitch stitch
sick sick
me f~cking rapping now that a big risk
how can i tel you i want it i’m gon be rich rich
risked a normal life here something now that’s big pitch
people keep hiding like crabs in a bushy b~tch
i should stick my d~ck in a n~gga cause he a p~ssy b~tch
i should pull the swiss on the n~gga cuz he a lunatic
boot the b~tch
if she is not geeking or shaking booty b~tch
if wife a girl i’d get married up there in budapest
feel like dj khaled knotty boys n~gga
we the best
when i get the bag feed the fam then i’ll feed the rest
running through these b~tches now i’m tired lay my feet to
case closed
i rest my nuts