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lirik lagu 717phxntom – alone


i do wanna stay but i can’t
my name in the sand
n0body would hold on to my hand
n0body would give me a chance
i am in a trance
never am i gonna leave my stance
see everybody can talk like everything’s fine
it really is not
i feel so alone
like i am unknown
i don’t feel at home when i am at home
i am home alone

i don’t know
what’s the point of all this?
i don’t know
i just wanna go walk in the snow with someone i love
but n0body would go
when people just want some attention
they post on they story
“you cannot relate to my pain”
when i am telling the truth
and i’m really depressed
just here knowing they just can’t relate

i’m trapped in my thoughts
i’m going outside and picking up rocks
going to the muddy room with socks
staring at the clock
i don’t wanna talk
i really do not know where my life is going
i’m just gonna smoke like bouff in wyoming
looking at that girl and her dress is glowing
i’ll never get her cause i’m not outgoing
i can barely look up in the mirror
it just keep on getting clearer
i’m not anything that someone would want
i pick up my pebbles and sit by the pond
tears from my life
i’m just drawing the blanks
and those are the f~ck ups
turn into mistakes
lucky if it happens before you flip the page
if you feel happiness
i cannot relate