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lirik lagu 7 octoberz – g.o.m.d.


i determine my fate
don’t regret any past mistakes
i lived thru the pain
determined to succeed i never walk away
blood on my hands leave a stain
being innocent is something i’ve never claimed
i’ve been surrounded by hate
born into a drama i can’t escape
the trauma was passed down but my sanity still remains
my trust is hard to gain
breaking the cycle thats been ingrained
i’ve had to adapt to change
nothing will ever be the same
my dues ive paid
knowledge i have gained
learned i am the master of what i do or say
legends are born not made
i’m destined to be great
god of my destiny i take all the glory
ain’t no one telling my story
my life is a f~ckin allegory
writing down lessons keeping inventory
but at times i wanna forget like dory
memories that haunt me like laurie
some secrets i gotta bury
sometimes i feel lost in translation like murray
even tho this life sometimes will play you dirty
im enjoying the journey! 2x
my mind free
ain’t no one controlling me
im the god of my destiny 4x

verse 2:
this is my testimony
i’ve doubted myself and felt lonely
took awhile to get to know the real me
negativity consumed me
i was blinded i couldn’t see
little did i know the power was within me
l realized i controlled the melody
i was my worst enemy
i was surrounded by jealousy
music was my only therapy
decided to follow my dreams and make em a reality
come take a walk with me
this world is full of greed
people out for themselves and the green
my third eye open i can see
everything clear in 3d
the god emcee
jus spreading positivity to those who want to believe
your mind is a powerful thing
we are queens and kings!
the blood of the gods run thru our veins
our brains have invisible chains
it’s up to us to break them and make our own lane
we are meant to create
we hold the keys to the gate
lets be the change
i’m holding on to the reins
i’m no longer afraid 2x
hook 6x