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lirik lagu -7+ (minusevenplus) – up


we gon keep on climbing up
tell them doubters shut it up
if they gotta freaking problem tell them ima send them up (15)
give me time i’m gon blow up
gonna have them say wassup
then they gonna kiss our bottoms like it’s two girls and one cup
they said that i’m f~cking up
said i need to grow it up
when i get on top them n~ggas gonna say can we make up
but for now i buckle up
cause a n~gga going up
i’m a keep on grinding till a f~cking n~gga make it up

gimme just a year i’ma f~cking glowe up
and ima buy my mama a f~cking crib cause my bands up
and all those thotties and the hoes wanna suck me up
cause they heard that i’m rocking diamond vvs from my neck up
my old friends started calling asking can we link link up
so i told them keep that vibe they had when i wasn’t up
i looked up on the sky and i thank the man that is up
now i’m puffing on this gas yeah a n~gga going up