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lirik lagu 5th ward weebie – katrina song (fuck katrina)


fema fema
fema is unavible to process your call please hang up and try agian

you i called red cross they refuse to pay that b-tch george bush he on delay
fema playing game so i had to get me
i want that second chcek for 23

i say f-ck katrina
f-ck katrina
i say f-ck katrina
f-ck katrina
isay f-ck katrina that hoe is a creeper for hangng with rita
they f-ck over my people
9th ward chapter
8th ward suffered
7th wardgone but my man said f-ck it
6th ward empty
5th ward thruogh
calliope and iberville anit a thing we can do
west bank runnig
uptown ain’t nothing
new orleans eastover go and get the bulldozers
mississippi people y’all feel where i’m at same promble same sh-t
so it time to bounce back