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lirik lagu 5bugs – over is a word i cannot deal with


when i was vorn i had no worries
about anything now i’m older and
my troubles are dropping in but
it’s not over i finsihed school in 15
years now i am graduate
i couldn’t stand it any longer i tried
to escape cause it’s not over
but that won’t bother me anyway
i can deal with my mistakes
my fortune may say
i waste it away but i won’t give up on
such an ordinary day
i fell in love with the greatest girl
i have ever met after one year the
girl is gone with a guy named brad
it’s not over no it’s not all over yet
all of my days are quite the same at
university even the women in
my life mean nothing to me
i’m feeling like loser number one
without knowing what goes on
to me life’s about to unfold
but all that glitters isn’t gold
[-ssigned from the booklet]